Love: Jewellery


I can remember when I was a young girl and I loved exploring my mum’s jewellery box. I very rarely tried anything on, I just enjoyed looking at all the pretty sparkly objects!

Nothing much has changed as an adult. For me, buying jewellery is much more fun than clothes. Fashion has always has evaded me, I feel like I’m constantly trying to keep up! Jewellery is much simpler and can be enjoyed simply for what it is!
I have pieces in my jewellery box from my mum, from as a child, from my teenage years and even jewellery I’ve found on the floor (a vintage Filigree bracelet which is my most treasured item!). Unlike clothes jewellery rarely dates and I know I can carry on wearing the same pair of earrings for most of my life.


My absolute favourite pair of earrings! I’ve had these 5+ years and they always get compliments! I definitely have a thing for massive earings.


My most recent jewellery haul from Kukee. Pretty, modern jewellery and reasonably priced. I usually favour more classic pieces of jewellery and usually go for earings and necklaces, I’ve been brave and bought some more unusual items and some rings which I hardly wear!

I’m very grateful to have such a nice collection.


Love: Lunchtime


The one hour of the working day I get to myself. I got into a bad habit of eating my food at my desk, slouching in my chair, reading blogs and basically being a bit anti-social. Eating lunch at your desk is bad for numerous reasons. Notably bad for me as I was sitting on my fat arse for an extra hour of the day, this arse has been getting pudgier and pudgier until one day my favourite skirt no longer zipped up…

Clearly, this was a sign. Sarah, get up and move!

So I did. I work on an industrial estate and there isn’t a great deal to do. I can drive into a nearby town, but what’s the point in driving somewhere to go for a walk?!

After a bit of procrastination, I thought one day…bugger it. And just walked. I knew there was a nearby village with a post office so I thought that could be my target. Get to the post office, grab a little snack and walk back.

I’m proud to say I now walk the majority of my lunches, and although I started by myself I now usually walk with colleagues. Another thing I wanted to sort out… my loner lunches!

And look at that, almost 200 calories burnt! Not sure if that’s totally accurate, but I’m not bothered. I’m outside, breathing fresh air, moving my legs, chatting to colleagues or listening to music. I love my lunches now!

The skirt is still defying me but I’m sure not for much longer!!